Bringing In the Good and Letting Go of The Bad: An Effort to Continue to Choose Me

This summer was a complete whirlwind of emotions; that’s honestly the best and only way to describe it.

As equally good and absolutely insane as it was, it left me feeling like I left a piece of myself with it.

If you know me at all, you know that I adore self-love and self-care, and like to bask under the big ol’ umbrella of happiness. Nothing makes me happier than celebrating and cherishing the great moments of life, and doing anything I can to bring a little light of happiness into each day.

This summer though, I felt a little lost. I felt this part of me slipping away and had no idea how, or the time, to completely fix it. I continued to bury this feeling and tried to find happiness in another person. I tried countless times to find this happiness in someone else, and he was neither willing nor capable to give me the feeling I needed. Instead, he cut me down with him.

The biggest issue I ran into was that I simply didn’t have the time to dedicate to myself or my happiness that I needed. I was working what felt like a million hours a week and when I wasn’t, I was trying to figure out a way to get a boy who cares about nothing, to care about me.

I’ve preached this idea a lot: to choose yourself. I want to remind myself of this and fully emerge myself back into what this really means. I want to get back into things that inspire me, serve me, and make me an overall better person. I want to place the focus back on myself, and to grant myself the happiness that I was so desperately looking for, in someone else, for way too long.

I am choosing to bring in the good and let go of any bad I hold in my heart. I am being gentle with myself, and letting go of any mistakes or things I regret. I want to feel the overflowing happiness in my heart that I had for so long.

I want to get back to reading blogs, and cooking, and writing about my love for love and love for self-acceptance.

I want to practice Yoga every single day. I want to breathe in the good, breathe out the bad and just LET THAT SHIT GO.

I want to prove to myself that I still have the heart that I had before I let a boy break me down, and put the pieces back together that I let him throw around.

I want to get back to me, after stupidly choosing him for so long.

So I cheer you on from the very top of my lungs  to take a moment to sit with yourself, figure out what it is YOU want, and do it.

Let in all that good and let go of anything that’s holding your heart back. I can assure you i’ll be right by your side doing it too.


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